Lecture 1: Welcome to video game development. Exploring the Unity User Interface

Lecture 2 Using Game Objects and Assets: Learn how to create Game Objects, define scene structure, import Assets, and work with Sprites. Managing Projects and Assets: Understand Unity's project management features and organize your game project.

Lecture 3: Preparing Assets for Implementation: Create materials and discover best practices for 3D content creation.

Lecture 4: Assembling the Game Level: Understand Rigidbodies, colliders, how they work, and how to integrate them. Lighting in Games: Analyze lighting tools and processes and develop the look and mood of your scene. Baking Lighting in Game Production: Enhance the visual quality of your lighting while optimizing the look of your scene before game play.

Lecture 5: Animating Game Objects in the Unity Editor: Explore character animation tools and learn the process of creating animations for use in game levels or state machines.

Lecture 6: Bringing Animations into the Game: Familiarize yourself with animation import options and learn how to manage animation data in your game project.

Lecture 7: Scripting in Game Development: Dive into programming as you learn terms, examine code, identify script types, and start writing code of your own.

Lecture 8: Implementing Navigation and Pathfinding: Learn the basics of navigation, including pathfinding and obstacle avoidance, and practice baking a Navigation Mesh in your game project.

Lecture 9: Building the Player and Allies and Enemies: Create players and allies and learn how to control their behavior in the game. Create enemies, design their behavior, and learn how to manage them in the game.

Lecture 10: Creating Particle Systems: Build four unique player attacks and learn how to manage multiple particle systems in the game. Adding Audio to Game Levels

Bring audio into your game, mix audio components, and implement audio effects. Building the Camera and Player Selection System, Configure your game cameras and refine your player selection behaviors.

Lecture 11: Designing User Interfaces for Games Get to know the different UI components and design a user interface for your game.

Lecture 12: Building and Deploying the Game: Understand the game build process, explore Unity Cloud Build options, and configure your build settings.

Lecture 13:  Game Presentations I

Lecture 14:  Game Presentations II